Triple Crown Championship

The Triple Crown Championship

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Chateau Elan - Chateau Course 

Winners Crowned
Ace Flight
Karla Gantt (1st), Kathleen Gillen (2nd)
Eagle Flight
Julie Miller (1st), Beth Fordyce (2nd)
2-Person Scramble
Linda Carusco & Paula Sparks (1st)
Donna Northington & Susan Blizzard (2nd)



  • Is your average golf score 100+?
  • Want to learn to play in a tournament like atmosphere?                                  
  • Want to have the support of a knowledgeable caddie?
  • Just want to have fun?

We have the tournament for you!  Join us for the 10th Annual Triple Crown Championship!

The purpose of Triple Crown Championship is to allow members whose average score is in the 3 digits (100 or >) to participate in tournament type play.   Of course we will take a few liberties with the word “Tournament”.  But we can do that since this is our tournament.   It's about having FUN on the golf course while following the standard golf rules(well there are always a few on course mulligans here and there). 

You can play either stroke or two person scramble teams.

Stroke -  you play your own ball 
Scramble -  2-women team plays the best ball after each shot 

Each group will be working with an experienced golfing member/caddie.  Your group caddie will be on the course helping to read putts, gauge yardage, make club selections, spot balls, follow and take advantage of the rules of the game, etc. This Atlanta Chapter tradition began 6 years ago.  Our national organization has identified this as a best practice.

Trophies are awarded in the following flights:  The number of golfers in the Ace & Eagle flight will be based on number of entries.

  • Ace Flight - minimum 100 - Max based on number of entries.
  • Eagle Flight - minimum score based on number of entries.
  • Scramble (2 woman team) - No prior scores required

Prizes also awarded for Best Dressed, Longest Drive, Closet to the Pin and a few more…

See you at the Championship!